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Prudential’s new insurance savings plan offers customisation of policy term and premium payment period

PRUactive saver gives customers the flexibility to tailor their insurance savings plans to meet their financial needs

Singapore, 10 September 2018 – Prudential Singapore (Prudential) has launched PRUactive saver, a new insurance savings plan that allows customers to tailor their policy to meet their financial goals and commitments. Customers can determine the duration of their policy and the payment period for their premiums to complement their financial planning.

PRUactive saver was introduced on the back of customers’ demand for bespoke products and services. In a recent survey of 800 customers, ‘flexibility’ - the ability to customise the policy term and premium payment term based on one’s unique financial needs - ranked as one of the top three factors of consideration when choosing an insurance savings plan. The other two important considerations were whether the policy would have guaranteed returns and potential bonus payout, and if the capital was protected upon maturity. These customers also shared that retirement, children’s education and protection against job loss are the three key reasons why they save.

Typically, insurance plans have fixed terms of 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years or 30 years. With PRUactive saver, customers can fix their policy term at any number of years between 10 and 30 years and pay premiums over a period ranging between five and 30 years. The minimum amount of annual premium payable ranges between S$1,200 and S$5,000, depending on the length of the premium payment term.

Mr Goh Theng Kiat, Chief Customer Officer, Prudential Singapore, said, “We are seeing increasing demand from customers for more flexibility and autonomy in deciding how they can go about saving for their future, be it for their retirement nest egg or children’s education fund. Everyone’s financial goals are unique, and priorities will change at different stages of one’s life. Being able to tailor savings plans to meet one’s distinct needs will greatly benefit our customers. As such, we introduced PRUactive saver to give our customers the choice to decide how much they want to save every month, how long they wish to pay premiums for and when they would like to receive their policy maturity payout.

“The beauty of this plan is that customers do not have to stick to a typical 10-year or 15-year plan and pay the premiums accordingly. They can request for an 11-year or 27-year policy if it better meets their financial goals. At the end of the day, we want to empower our customers to decide how they want to achieve their aspirations.”

The plan provides coverage against death where the customers’ beneficiary will receive 105 per cent of the total amount of premiums paid or 101 per cent of the surrender value upon their passing. It offers guaranteed acceptance regardless of the customers’ medical conditions which means no underwriting is required.

In addition, customers have the option to add riders such as Crisis Waiver, Payer Security Plus and others, to their plan to enhance their coverage.

Customer’s quote

Madam Christabel Tang needs to save S$190,000 for her six-year-old daughter’s college education in London when she turns 20. She plans to take up a 14-year policy and pay annual premiums over six years.

Madam Tang said: “I need to start planning and saving for my daughter’s future to ensure I have enough money to fund her overseas college education when she turns 20. For this purpose, I want an insurance savings plan that gives me the flexibility to specify the exact number of years to build up my daughter’s education fund and pay the necessary premiums as well. In this way, I can map out my family’s financial plan and manage our finances more efficiently.”


 PRUactive saver – Key features
Flexible policy term: any number of years between 10 and 30 years

Flexible premium payment term: the number of years can be less than or equal to the policy term (between 5 and 30 years)

Potential bonus payout upon maturity of the policy

Optional riders offering additional cover, including:
   - Crisis Waiver for protection against critical illness;
   - Payer Security Plus, a supplementary benefit where premiums are waived in the event of death, disability or critical illness.

For more information, please visit our official webpage here.


About Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Prudential Singapore)

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