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Prudential’s new “best-of-both-worlds” hospitalisation plan offers quality private care at lower premiums

Reduced premiums for 90 per cent of existing customers on public hospitalisation plans

SINGAPORE, 1 April 2020 – To address rising healthcare costs, Prudential Singapore (“Prudential”) has launched a new supplementary hospitalisation plan, PRUExtra Preferred CoPay, which provides its customers access to quality, more affordable private care.

The premiums for this new plan are 30 per cent lower than Prudential’s existing private hospitalisation plan1, and gives customers access to medical treatment at public hospitals and private hospitals, such as Raffles Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital, under its PRUPanel Connect (PPC) programme.

A unique feature of the plan is that there is no need to receive pre-authorisation from the insurer before proceeding with medical2. This means policyholders can seek treatment more speedily and enjoy the choice to consult with medical practitioners and specialists from Raffles Hospitals and Mount Alvernia Hospital3.

Prudential Singapore’s Chief Customer Officer, Goh Theng Kiat, said the insurer’s latest hospitalisation plan fulfils a gap in the market. “Across the industry, premiums for private hospitalisation plans have been increasing due to rising medical inflation in Singapore, which was projected to be 10.1 per cent in 20194. PRUExtra Preferred Copay is a “best-of-both-worlds” solution as customers can access quality private healthcare for much less.”

Enjoy 4Cs with PRUExtra Preferred CoPay

Customers of PRUExtra Preferred CoPay enjoy a cashless and convenient experience, with a wide choice of healthcare providers and expense cap.

Cashless - Customers receive cashless medical services5 of up to S$30,000 at Raffles Hospital6 and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Convenience - On-site concierge services are available at both private hospitals7 to providence guidance on claims submissions and assist customers on PRUShield-related queries.

Choice - Choice of over 300 specialists serving the two private hospitals and public hospitals to seek consultation and treatment from.

Cap of expense - Customers have peace of mind knowing that out-of-pocket expenses are capped at S$3,000 for PPC providers8.

An added benefit is that the multiplier on the plan’s claims-based pricing is more gradual than Prudential’s other plans. With claims-based pricing9, customers who stay healthy and claim less have the opportunity to pay less for their insurance.

“Medical insurance is the most important protection plan. This is why we have a wide range of hospitalisation plans that cater to the different healthcare needs and budgets of our customers,” added Mr Goh.

In addition to the Preferred CoPay plan, customers can also choose from the insurer’s suite of supplementary plans. This includes the deluxe offering PruExtra Premier CoPay which provides 95 per cent coverage at any hospital in Singapore, PruExtra Premier Lite CoPay plan with lower coverage at more affordable premiums, and the PruExtra Plus CoPay plan for those who prefer to seek treatment at public hospitals.

Lower premiums for public hospitalisation plans

To ensure healthcare remains affordable to its customers, Prudential is lowering premiums for PRUShield Plus, its base public hospitalisation Integrated Shield Plan, by between 10 and 31 per cent10. This applies to nearly 90 per cent of the insurer’s existing PRUShield Plus customers, and takes effect from 1 April 2020.

“As Singaporeans live longer, they would demand more healthcare services. With nearly a million customers in Singapore, we have the responsibility to ensure they are able to get access to affordable healthcare services in times of need. Hence, when our claims experience improves, we make it a point to pass on the savings to our customers,” said Mr Goh.

For more information, please visit the PRUShield website.

PRUShield’s suite of product offerings at a glance

Plan PRUShield Premier Prushield Plus^
Supplementary Plan PRUExtra Premier CoPay PRUExtra Preferred CoPay PRUExtra Premier Lite CoPay~ PRUExtra Plus CoPay^
Hospital/ Ward Types All Singapore Private Hospitals Singapore Private Hospitals under our Panel or Non-panel providers* All Singapore Private Hospitals All Singapore Restructured Hospitals (Class A Ward)
PRUShield's Deductible+ Amount
(Per Policy Year)
Cover 95% of Deductible Amount. You will cover remaining 5%. Cover 95% of Deductible Amount. You will cover remaining 5%. Cover 50% of Deductible Amount. You will cover remaining 50%, subject to a maximum of $1,750 per policy year. Cover 95% of Deductible Amount. You will cover remaining 5%.
PRUShield's Co-insurance++:10% Covers half of Co-insurance. You will cover the remaining half. Covers half of Co-insurance. You will cover the remaining half. Covers half of Co-insurance. You will cover the remaining half. Covers half of Co-insurance. You will cover the remaining half.
(Per Policy Year)
S$3,000 for Panel Providers* S$3,000 for Panel Providers* S$3,000 for Panel Providers* S$3,000 for Panel Providers*
Subject To Claims-Based Pricing(CBP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
PRUPanel Connect Exclusive Value-Added Services Available Available Available Available
Cost of Premiums for aged 30 S$515# S$361# S$249 S$225
Premiums Compared to PRUExtra Premier CoPay for aged 30 - ↓30% ↓52% ↓56%

Product terms and conditions apply; information accurate as at 1 April 2020. For more information, please visit the PRUShield website.

About Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Prudential Singapore)

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, serving the financial and protection needs of the country’s citizens for 89 years. The company has an AA- Financial Strength Rating from leading credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s, with S$43.1 billion funds under management as at 31 December 2019. It delivers a suite of well-rounded product offerings in Protection, Savings and Investment through multiple distribution channels including a network of more than 5,000 financial consultants.

1 Premiums compared to PRUExtra Premier CoPay for aged 30. Please refer to PRUShield’s suite of product offerings at a glance below.

2 Customers in the enhanced Letter of Guarantee (e-LOG) database do not need to receive pre-authorisation for medical treatments at Raffles Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital as part of the PPC programme.

3 For the full list of participating specialists, please visit

5 Eligibility for cashless service without pre-authorisation is only applicable to PRUExtra Premier and PRUExtra Preferred CoPay policies which are accepted on standard terms and have been in-forced for at least 12 months from the date of inception or date of reinstatement, whichever is later. The lives assured must also be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

6 For those seeking medical treatments at Raffles Hospital, this cashless service is also extended to their pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses. Pre-hospitalisation coverage is capped at 14 days from the specialist visit to hospitalisation.

7 Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, on-site concierge services have been temporarily suspended.

8 For participating PPC providers; please refer to

10 Additional private insurance coverage portion only. The remaining customers who do not qualify for this benefit are those moving into the next age band.