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Whether accumulated, preserved or bonded by generations, your legacy is a testimony that deserves to live on.

With our tailored expertise, we’ll help you uniquely plan and preserve your wealth, protect your assets, safeguard your health and retire with ease.

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Opus Legacy
Series Promotion

Winners of the Opus Legacy Series Promotion will be notified via EDM or SMS soon.

Each winner will receive a bottle of the Auchentoshan 1990 Single Cask (Vintage Limited Release).

Participants of the promotion will also be invited to be part of ‘Crafting a Legacy That Gives Back’, a virtual charity auction. Five exclusive bottles of the Auchentoshan 1990 Single Cask (Vintage Limited Release) whisky will be up for auction, with proceeds going to a charity.

Stay tuned for more details.


The Opus Experience

Our Solutions

Because no two successful individuals are the same, we’re dedicated to creating personalised wealth planning experiences to give you the best.

Solutions For Your Legacy

Your vision for the future is unique. That’s why the Opus experience is tailor made around you.

Seamless Service & Support

The less time you need to spend creating your legacy, the more time you’ll have to enjoy precious moments today.

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The Opus Experience

Our Solutions

Enjoy experiences specially crafted to reflect your taste and style. From welcome and birthday gifts to invitations to experiential events, all with distinctive Opus moments.

  • Bespoke welcome gifts
  • Special birthday delights
  • Exclusive event experiences

Asset & Business Protection

Making decisions about your assets shouldn’t be taken lightly. With our insights, careful judgement and unique approach, we’ll help you make smart decisions with ease; protecting and preparing you for the best in life.

Wealth Transfer & Preservation

Put your legacy and your family first with our wealth transfer and preservation solutions; helping you plan for their tomorrows. So you can treasure, savour and celebrate life even more for the next generation.

International Medical Needs & Retirement

To enjoy your golden years, you need to be in the pink of health. Whether that’s leisure, travel or time with your loved ones, make sure you’re covered by a health and retirement plan that works around you, and everything you have planned.

Seamless Service & Support

As part of the Opus promise, you can be assured of a seamless experience. From VIP medical services at one of Singapore’s finest healthcare clinics to swift underwriting and dedicated case management - all facilitated by your dedicated Private Wealth Consultant.

Legacy Stories

What’s in a legacy? And how can Opus help you craft yours? Discover the answers in our articles below.



Enjoy experiences and privileges specially created to reflect your taste and style. From welcome and birthday gifts to invitation to experiential events all with the aim of delivering the distinctive Opus moments.

  • Bespoke welcome gifts upon joining the Opus family
  • Receive birthday delights to commemorate your special day
  • Be invited to exclusive and unique event experiences
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