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As of 19th July 2021, we have updated our Privacy Notice which is available at our corporate website - https://www.prudential.com.sg/privacy-notice.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Customer Service Centre at Marine One, is currently available by appointment only. You can also chat with us over a video call by booking a slot. Starting from 1 Jun 2021, we no longer accept cash payments. Enrol for payments via DBS/POSB GIRO or Credit Card at https://ipay.prudential.com.sg. For more payment options, click here.

New LIA Guidelines :Our Singapore-dollar (SGD) denominated Participating policies from 1 July 2021 will show updated illustrated investment rates of return, in accordance with the changes in LIA Guidelines on Policy Illustrations 2021. This change does not affect existing customers with policies submitted before 1 July 2021. For more information, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : For more information on COVID-19 related reliefs please click here.

PRUACCESS: In accordance with PDPC's Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA for NRIC and other National Identification numbers, we will no longer be using NRIC/passport numbers/FIN for login purposes from 1 Aug 2019. If you have yet to create a user ID, please click here.


Standing Strong Together:
Support Measures for Our Customers


  1. Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd (“PACS”) has implemented the PRUCare package (“PRUCare”) to support corporate customers, SMEs and individuals affected by COVID-19.

  3. PRUCare is made available for Singapore residents with a valid NRIC / FIN who are individual customers, employees of our corporate customers, employees, and Financial Consultants (“Eligible Applicants”, and individually an “Eligible Applicant”).

  5. PRUCare is provided solely on a goodwill basis. Consequently, notwithstanding anything in these terms, any individual requesting any PRUCare benefits understands and accepts that any payout under PRUCare is subject solely to PACS’ sole and absolute discretion.

  7. These terms may be amended from time to time by PACS in its sole an absolute discretion by such amendment on this website and shall be binding on all requests for payouts under PRUCare.

  9. An individual is eligible for PRUCare if:
    1. The individual is an Eligible Applicant.
    2. The Eligible Applicant can evidence to PACS that a PRUCare Incident has occurred; and
    3. No other payout has been made for the same PRUCare Incident.
    4. Individuals who travelled out of Singapore on and from 27-Mar-2020 (inclusive) onwards and/or fail to adhere to travel advisories released by relevant government authorities, including without limitation the Ministry of Health, will not be eligible for PRUCare.

  11. Whether there is sufficient evidence of a PRUCare Incident shall be a matter to be determined by PACS in PACS’ sole and absolute discretion.

  13. A “PRUCare Incident” means:
    1. An Eligible Applicant or his Immediate Family Member is issued with a quarantine order by the Ministry of Health; or
    2. An Eligible Applicant or his Immediate Family Member is hospitalised in a Singapore hospital for COVID-19.

  15. An “Immediate Family Member” means the Eligible Applicant’s:
  1. spouse;
  2. parent; or
  3. child.



  1. Eligibility: SMEs with an in-force Group insurance policy with Prudential whose business has been affected by COVID-19 may qualify for a deferred premium payment.


  2. An SME means a company with an annual turnover of up to S$100 million and headcount of between 3 and 200 employees.


  3. Any deferment of premium payment is a matter that PACS shall determine in its sole and absolute discretion. The following are a non-exhaustive list of factors PACS considers when making such determination:
    1. number of employees issued with Leave of Absence / Quarantine Order;
    2. importance of employee(s) issued with Leave of Absence / Quarantine Order to the business;
    3. likely impact on revenue;
    1. extent of disruption on SME’s operations.


  4. Option to defer premium payments is valid between 23 Jan and 30 Jun 2020. Deferment option may be extended depending on severity of COVID-19 situation.


  5. The premium payment deferment period is up to 3 months.


  6. These terms may be amended from time to time by PACS in its sole an absolute discretion by such amendment on this website and shall be binding on all requests for payouts under PRUCare.