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As of 19th July 2021, we have updated our Privacy Notice which is available at our corporate website - https://www.prudential.com.sg/privacy-notice.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our Customer Service Centre at Marine One, is currently available by appointment only. You can also chat with us over a video call by booking a slot. Starting from 1 Jun 2021, we no longer accept cash payments. Enrol for payments via DBS/POSB GIRO or Credit Card at https://ipay.prudential.com.sg. For more payment options, click here.

New LIA Guidelines :Our Singapore-dollar (SGD) denominated Participating policies from 1 July 2021 will show updated illustrated investment rates of return, in accordance with the changes in LIA Guidelines on Policy Illustrations 2021. This change does not affect existing customers with policies submitted before 1 July 2021. For more information, please click here.

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Customer Forms


Reinstatement Application

Investment Linked Policy & Non-Investment Linked Policy Online Download
PRUShield Policy / PRUExtra Policy Online Download


Premium Payment Method

Credit Card Online
Interbank GIRO  Download


Policy Alteration

Payment Frequency Download
Payment Method Download
Advance Premium Payment (up to 2 years) Download
Maturity Payout Option Download
CashBack/Cash Benefit Start Period Download
Regular Benefits Payout Option Download
Fund Distribution Option Download
Portfolio Solutions Download
Declaration for Change in Smoker Status Download
Increase in Sum Assured Download
Conversion to Paid Up Download
Reduction in Sum Assured Download
Reduction in Premium Download
Cancellation in Supplementary Benefits Download
Termination of Policy (non-PRUShield) Download
Termination of Policy (PRUShield / PRUExtra) Download
Plan Downgrade (PRUShield / PRUExtra)
Refer to PRUaccess > Account OVERVIEW Tab > PRUShield Downgrade
Note: Read the Product Summary of the plan chosen for the benefits and features.
Change of Life Assured Download


Withdrawal / Policy Loan

Application for Cash Benefit Withdrawal Online Download
Application for Policy Loan Online Download
Application for Partial Withdrawal  Download
Application for Cash Bonus / PRUAsset Withdrawal  Download


Update of Personal Particulars

Update of Address Online Download
Update of Marketing Consent Online Download
Update of Contact Details Online Download
Update of Particulars  Download
Change in Occupation  Download


Fund Switch / Premium Redirection

Application for Fund Switch / Premium Redirection Online Download


Payment History

For the following historical / acknowledgement statements, a service fee would be charged as follows:

Service Fee (per policy, per statement)
Historical Statements Current to 1 year >1-5 years >5-10 years More than 10 years
Premium Payment / Acknowledgement / Total Premium Paid No Charge $25 $50 $75
All types of Loans
Advance Premium Deposit
Other Transactions
Printing of Statements & Policy Details $10 per statement / details printout
*Amount Shown Inclusive of GST


Kindly complete the form and make a payment via AXS – kiosk, * m-Station (mobile app) and ** e-Station (online). We do not accept any other modes of payment.

* m-Station: Click Bills – Select Insurance – Scroll down and select Prudential – Select Service Fee and proceed to make the payment.

** e-Station: Kindly log on to http://www.axs.com.sg/ - Click on consumers – On your left panel, click on Pay My Bills now – On your left panel again, Click Bills – Select Insurance – Scroll down and select Prudential – Select Service Fee and proceed to make the payment.

Please complete the form and submit together with payment.

Payment Instructions Form

Bank Draft / Telegraphic Transfer / Direct Credit Download


Application for HPS Exemption Form

For further information on the HPS Exemption process, kindly click on this link Download


Nomination Of Beneficiary

Before you make a nomination or create a trust or change or revoke them under the Insurance Act, please ensure that you have read and understood the information provided in Your Guide to Nomination of Insurance Nominees 2015 (NOB Guide).


Form 1 [Trust Nomination] Download
Form 2 [Revocation of Trust Nomination] Download
Form 3 [Appointment or Revocation of Appointment of Trustee of Policy Moneys] Download
Form 4 [Revocable Nomination form] Download
Form 5 [Revocation of Revocable Nomination] Download
Form 6 [Notice of Revocation of Revocable Nomination] Download
Juvenile & Educational Trust Download
Supplemental Deed for Juvenile & Educational Trust – for changes on Sec73 Trust Nomination or Juvenile & Educational Trust Nomination Download

Assignment of Policy

Before you assign your policy, please ensure that you have read and understood the information provided in our FAQ.


Notice of Assignment for assignment between individual and/or bank/society/charitable organization/ business entity Download
Deed of Absolute Assignment (Single assignor to Single assignee, both natural persons) Download
Deed of Absolute Assignment (Single Assignor to Joint Assignees, all natural persons) Download
Deed of Absolute Assignment (Joint Assignors to Single Assignee, all natural persons) Download
Deed of Absolute Assignment (Joint Assignors to Joint Assignees, all natural persons) Download

Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Update of Tax Residence Status for Individual Download
Update of Tax Residence Status for Entity Download


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

Form W-8BEN-E Download
Form W-8ECI Download
Form W-8EXP Download
Form W-8IMY Download
Form W-9 Download


Business Reply Envelope

Business Reply Envelope Download


When you have completed the above Policy Changes Form, mail it back to us at:

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited

Robinson Road P.O.Box 492

Singapore 900942

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